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Inverted Gear has been growing roots in Europe for years as Nelson and Hillary have traveled across the continent, training and teaching at BJJ Globetrotters camps. Along the way, they have made friends and picked out competitors to sponsor. We're proud to introduce you to our EU fight team!

Halldor Logi, Iceland

Read about Halldor in his Meet the Pandas interview.

@halldorlogiv on Instagram

Aranzita, Spain


@arantizitabjj on Instragram

David Morcegao, United Kingdom

Martijn Gademan, Netherlands

IBJJF Europeans

2013 Blue master II – gold (weight) gold (open)
2015 Purple master III – gold (weight) bronze (open)
2016 Brown master III – silver (weight) gold (open)

IBJJF Worlds
2012 Blue master II – gold (weight)
2015 Purple master III – gold (weight) gold (open)
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